July, 15th 1995
ECW Arena
Philadelphia, PA

Alright man, I'm running out of cute ways to open these things up, so lets just dive right into an update on what the fuck was going on in ECW around the time of this show.

Shane Douglas was gone to the WWF. Apparently they seen something in him worth going after even though people around the internet would have you believe he had zero talent whatsoever. I think he was better on the microphone than about 95% of the WWF roster in 1995, but that's my opinion. I haven't been tainted by the last 10-11 years of his career, so I still kind of think highly of Shane Douglas. He was never the greatest, but he was never anywhere as bad as some of the message board history revisionists make his career out to be.

The way Heyman wrote him out of the ECW was just brilliant. First he lost his title to the Sandman(with the help of his manager Woman). He put on a WWF shirt, and stormed out of the front door of the ECW Arena pissed off about being cheated out of his belt. The next show he brings in a referee from the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission to clean up the ECW. The referee was Bill Alphonso, and he would wreak absolute havoc in ECW over the next couple of shows. Alphonso and Douglas got some of the hottest heat in ECW history during this angle.

The Raven vs Dreamer storyline had really picked up by this point. It started out with Stevie Richards bringing in Raven in January of 1995. Raven was supposedly a kid that Tommy Dreamer knew in Summer camp when they were youths. Dreamer was the popular kid, Raven was the poor nerd that was looked down upon by Dreamer. Dreamer defeated Stevie, and fought Raven off at the Return of the Funker show in February. The feud got serious in March when Dreamer faced Raven's flock(which consisted of a bunch of jobbers at this point) in a gauntlet match. Dreamer defeated all of Raven's lackeys, but when it came time for him to finally get his hands on Raven he was handcuffed in the crucifix position on the ropes, and beaten to a bloody pulp. Raven brought in his girlfriend Beulah in April. Beulah was a fat, zit faced slob that Dreamer rejected in Summer camp, but now she had grown up to be the uber grunge slut Penthouse centerfold hot mama. Beulah cost Dreamer in his first one on one match against Raven with the ole' hairspray in the eyes trick. Dreamer got his revenge at the next show when he spiked Beulah with a piledriver. Dreamer would get a bit of help when Luna Vachon came into the ECW at the very next show. Dreamer and Luna were savagely attacked by Raven at the "Barbed Wire, Hoodies, and Chokeslams" show in June. Raven "broke" Dreamer's fingers one by one, and viciously attacked Luna.

Raven just keeps throwing lackeys at Dreamer. First he had a group of jobbers(Tony Stetson & Johnny Hotbody), then he fired them, and replaced them with The Pitbulls. The Pitbulls grew frustrated with Raven, and left his "Flock" at the last show when they refused to Superbomb an already badly beaten Luna Vachon(thus, turning them face). Raven replaced the Pitbulls in his "Flock" with the Dudley brothers. The Dudley Brothers were a couple of jobbers(Snot Dudley & Dudley Dudley). The Dudleys were an idea cooked up by Raven backstage inspired by the goofball family in the Paul Newman film "Slapshot". The idea was that Raven would keep his chickenshit heel heat by constantly avoiding Dreamer by throwing lackeys in front of him. Whenever Dreamer would get through the lackeys, Raven would always find a way to get the upper hand on him. No matter what Dreamer did, he was always getting one upped by Raven. Dreamer getting his hands on Raven was something rare, but when it happened it was something special because of the way the rivalry was booked. Paul Heyman gets all of the credit for this feud, but the truth is that a lot of it was designed by Raven himself.

The other main feud of this time in ECW was the east coast vs west coast storyline between Public Enemy and The Gangstas. Public Enemy are the most over act in the ECW at this time. These fans loved the shit out of them. It was just one of those deals like 80's hair rock, you just had to be there in Philly in 1995 to really get why exactly Public Enemy were so loved by the ECW fans. The Gangstas were invaders from south central Los Angeles. Real thugs. The two teams have been trading jabs at each other in some nice promos on Hardcore TV. Public Enemy defeated The Gangstas in their first match at the last show I reviewed, which was two weeks prior to this show. Tonight the feud goes to the next level when they meet in a Steel Cage match.

Opening Segment

Oh man, we start it off with ring announcer Bob Artese throwing out free ECW merchandise to the crowd. Bill Alphonso comes out, and puts a stop to it. This crowd fucking lynches him. They are on him so hard you can barely make out what he's saying. This fucking crowd is FIRED UP!

Trash flies into the ring at Bill Alphonso as he tells the fans that there will not be any wrestling tonight. ECW "Commissioner" Todd Gordon comes out. Gordon says that he's had enough of Fonzie. Gordon talks about how he fired Shane Douglas. Fonzie tells him that he can't fire him because he doesn't work for ECW, he works for the Penn State Athletic Commission. Gordon tells Fonzie that he wants to kick his ass. Bill Alphonso is fucking gold in this role. He makes you want to reach through the screen and ring his fucking neck. He's nailed this role. The crowd is more fired up than any of the previous ECW shows I've reviewed up to this point.

The crowd is so loud I can barely hear what the two men are saying. Fonzie tells Gordon that he's going to give him a 10 count to get out of the ring, and that if he doesn't leave the ring he will have his wrestling promotion shut down. Fonzie starts to count, and the crowd starts a 911 chant. Gordon floors Fonzie at 7. Gordon hits Fonzie with punches until a couple of jobbers come out to pull him off. Bill Alphonso tells Gordon that he just made the biggest mistake of his life. Fonzie ejects Alphonso from the building, and takes over the show.

This is just an awesome storyline that I have really fallen in love with since taking a look at these shows in chronological order. Alphonso nailed his role, and was perfect in this performance. He was drawing heat for enforcing rules, something that people used to cheer guys for. Things were changing, and ECW was ahead of the curve with this storyline. The fucking crowd wanted to kill Alphonso here in this segment.

Mikey Whipwreck vs Mike Norman

Mikey Whipreck has just had nothing going on up to this point in 1995. His gimmick was that he was just a crash test dummy with absolutely zero offensive moves to his name. He partnered up with Cactus Jack to win the tag team belts from a heel Public Enemy team in late 94, and the Philly fans fell in love with him. Mikey would win matches on accident, without landing a single offensive maneuver. So far in 95 he's just been there. He has a few moves now, but no storylines. Go figure.

Mike Norman is a jobber, and he hits Mikey while he has his guard down to start the match. Norman chops on Mikey until Mikey reverses a whip into the corner. Whipreck hits Norman with a few arm drag takedowns, and a bodyslam sending him to the outside to recover. Whipreck does a corkscrew somersault senton splash to the outside. Norman regains the momentum of the match.

Norman lands a few moves including a double axe handle off of the second rope. The crowd starts chanting "You Still Suck!(DICK!)"

This crowd is just killing this poor guy.

One of my favorite parts of ECW was the fans. The guys in the front row were the same couple of guys that would show up at every single show. You had John "Straw Hat Guy" Bailey, who would wear a straw hat all the time. His brother "Sunglasses Guy", who was an old grey haired dude that would wear sunglasses all the time, even though the ECW Arena was already dark enough. There was also "Otto Rocket Guy", who would often appear shirtless, and overly animated during the matches as if he were on PCP or something. His hair apparently resembles someone named Otto Rocket, whom I have never heard of until I found this guy's nickname. There was also "Goatee guy", and "Donovan". These two guys could be seen in just about any WWF pay per view from 1991 to ECW One Night Stand 2005. I've spotted these two guys in WCW and WWF pay per views going all the way back to Summerslam 91, and WCW Superbrawl V. Last but not least there was "Sign Guy". A fat guy that would show up at just about every ECW show from 1993 up to about 96(that I'm 100% sure of at the moment, I know he kind of disappeared later on) with a multitude of quirky cardboard signs. The sign he's holding during this Mikey Whipreck match says "WCW: Trash at the Beach".

I get a kick out of the reactions of these guys during the ECW shows. The crowd is a huge part of what makes these ECW shows so enjoyable to me. They create an awesome atmosphere for wrestling. Even when a match sucks the crowd still makes it kind of funny because they were fucking relentless.

Back to our match, and Norman takes off to the back like he's done for the evening. Whipreck chases him down, and hits him with punches in the isle.

Norman beats on Mikey back to the ringside area, and does a suicide plancha through the ropes. Whipreck reverses a whip into the corner, and hits Norman with a Hurricanrana off the top rope for the pinfall after 6:48.


Real shitty match right here. Mikey did some decent selling, and the crowd tearing into Norman kept it from being a zero. Whipreck won it with a Hurricanrana, and that was it. Just doesn't make sense. Norman was terrible too.

Tony Stetson & Don E. Allen def. Raven & Stevie Richards

Raven and Richards come out with the tag team belts first. Beulah Mcgillicutty is a fucking work of art. Perfection. She's so hot here in this little red dress it is ridiculous.

The camera shows Stevie Richards' obsessed "fan" in the front row. This is Francine planted in the crowd.

Don E. and Stetson work Stevie Richards over for a while. Stevie gets the upper hand in the match, and tags out to Raven. Raven beats up on poor little Don E. Allen for a while as Stevie goes over to Francine. Stevie and Francine begin french kissing. Raven drops both Don E. and Stetson with DDT's, and notices Stevie and Francine kissing in the front row. Raven goes over to them, and snatches a handful of Stevie's hair. Raven drags Stevie off to the back.


Beulah and Francine start fighting in the crowd, and HOLY SHIT. Ass everywhere. Pretty good looking cat fight going on.

Huge smile on the security guard's face as he separates the two women. 

The referee counts Raven and Stevie out. Stetson and Don E. win by count out.

Raven and Richards go back into the ring to beat up on Don E and Stetson until the Pitbulls come running out. The Pitbulls fight with Raven and Richards until the Dudley brothers come running out. Raven, Richards, and the Dudleys(Snot and Dudley Dudley, not Buh Buh & D-Von yet) beat on The Pitbulls until Tommy Dreamer comes out. Dreamer goes right after Raven.

Huge brawl all over the ECW arena with Raven, Richards, and The Dudleys vs Tommy and the Pitbulls.

Tony Stetson gets a microphone, and says that he wants a rematch. Raven comes running up on him, and floors him from behind. Raven takes Tony Stetson into the ring, and beats him down. The Pitbulls come running back out. The Dudleys come running back out. Dreamer comes back out. Where did all these guys go? Weird.

Dreamer drops Raven with a DDT. Francine comes into the ring, and jumps on the back of one of the Pitbulls. Beulah comes in the ring, and JEEZUS. Another cat fight, this time it's a real good one. One of the sexiest things I've ever seen in my entire life.

Huge E! C! DUB! chant ends the segment as the brawl separates.


Big mess here. The cat fights between Beulah and Francine were epic, and added about 3 points to the overall score I gave this thing. I would be lying to you if I said I didn't want to watch that again. Sexy, Sexy.

As for the segment without the catfights, pretty sloppy mess. Nothing special about any of the brawling. Just a way of reminding the audience of who's on who's side in this ongoing Dreamer vs Raven saga I guess. It was weird how they all brawled and disappeared, and then one by one came back out like they just reset everything.

Hack Myers vs Big Val Puccio

Man, Big Val is about as worthless as it gets. Huge morbidly obese fella that can't really do anything in the ring due to his physical state. Hack Myers is almost as worthless, but he's at least over with the crowd for some ungodly reason. Big Val gets heat from the crowd for the wrong reasons.

Immediately with the "YOU! FAT! FUCK!" chants. 

Hack Myers comes out to the original version of "Am I Evil", which is pretty awesome.

Big Val is billed at 538 pounds. He has a really weird ponytail haircut where all of his head is shaven except for this long ponytail in the back. The two men stare each other down. Val challenges Hack to bodyslam him.

Val backs Myers into the ropes with punches, and the crowd screams "Shit!" with every one of them. Myers fires back and the crowd screams "Shah!" with each of his punches.

Val crushes Myers in the corner with a couple of splashes, and nails him with a pretty brutal powerslam. Val attempts a splash, but Hack Myers moves out of the way. Myers rolls Big Val up for the pinfall.

Val hits Myers with a few splashes before leaving.....

Wait a damn minute. I just got a serious fucking case of deja vu. Either this was the exact same match that these two guys had at the last show, or they just redid it all again to make it look like it. My mind is blown.


Yeah this was terrible. Pretty sure this is the same match that was on the last tape, and I wonder why.

The Pitbulls & Tommy Dreamer vs Raven & The Dudleys

Raven and Richards come out withe Dudleys in tow like this is a totally new show. I touched on this in my previous post in response to StranglerLewis question. These shows would be cut up for about 2-3 weeks worth of ECW's hour long weekly "Hardcore TV" syndicated tv show. They tried to make it look like these guys are coming out for the first time tonight.

Raven storms the isle to get it started in the isle. The Pitbulls beat the shit out of the Dudleys around the ring as Tommy gets a bit of help with Raven from Luna Vachon in the ring. Dreamer works Raven over with a Snap Suplex and an elbow drop as Luna goes after Stevie Richards. Stevie runs from Luna. Pitbull 2 does a pretty nice double axe handle off of the top rope to the outside. He's a pretty big dude to go for something like that.

Bill Alphonso comes out trying to stop the match.

The brawl continues as Bill Alphonso tries to shut the match down. Alphonso disappears. The Pitbulls work Stevie and The Dudleys over. The Pitbulls get Stevie with a Super Bomb. Francine comes into the ring, and gives Stevie mouth to mouth. Beulah comes in, and here we go again with another beautiful catfight. I love it. I could watch these all day. Good god almighty the ass on Beulah Mcgillicutty. Damn.

The Pitbulls drop one of the Dudleys with a Super Bomb, and get the win with a pinfall.


Nothing special here, and nothing to really write about other than the Beulah and Francine stealing the show. Raven and Dreamer just disappeared in the later parts of the match. More weird booking here. The crowd did love the Pitbulls though, and this match/segment made them look pretty good.

Dean Malenko & Too Cold Scorpio vs The Tazmaniac & Eddie Guerrero

Alright, so Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero had been burning it up all summer in ECW at this point. Taz had been repackaged as a no-selling shoot wrestling monster. More of a third Steiner brother than the MMA type of character he would evolve into the next year. His repackaging and push would hit a roadblock shortly after this match, but we'll get to that later. 2 Cold Scorpio did a little heel turn at the last show in a match against Taz. Scorpio sided with referee Bill Alphonso in an attack on Taz after their match.

Taz and Scorpio start it off here. Taz nails Scorpio with a stiff as hell forearm to the face coming off of the ropes. Oh yeah, that was a botch. Taz got Scorpio for real. Scorpio rolls out of the ring with a busted nose. Not good.

Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero come into the match. Oh man, these guys show'em how it's done. They go through a very nice chain wrestling sequence where they do one of those staredowns at the end of it. Guerrero just looks really sharp. He's so young looking with his mustache.

Guerrero hits his classic slingshot senton before tagging out to Taz. Malenko works Taz's leg before tagging out to Scorpio. Scorpio lands a stiff as hell lariat that may have been a bit of payback for earlier on in the match. Scorpio and Taz go through a chain wrestling sequence of their own that doesn't look bad at all. Joey Styles points out a similar position they were in to the Ken Shamrock vs Dan Severn match that took place around this time at UFC VI.

Scorpio gets Taz with a powerbomb, and tags back out to Malenko. Malenko continues to work Taz's leg over. Taz manages to get a tag to Eddie. Every time Eddie and Dean tie up in this match is fucking solid gold. They have such great chemistry here in this match. Eddie gets Dean with the Frogsplash for a 2 count. Dean manages to tag out to Scorpio, who comes in to work Eddie over pretty good. Eddie goes for a powerbomb, but Scorpio flips out to his feet. Scorpio hits Eddie with a vicious powerbomb.

The two teams exchange a series of double team moves until all hell breaks loose. Taz gets knocked to the outside. Scorpio does a splash to the outside that hits Paul Heyman. Malenko goes to the outside, and gets hit with a splash off the top rope by Eddie. Scorpio goes back into the ring to go up for a splash, but Heyman hits him with his huge brick cell phone.

Bill Alphonso comes out, and says that the match must restart because of Heyman's interference. Heyman gets up in Fonzie's face. Dean Malenko and Scorpio attack Taz and Eddie from behind as they look at Fonzie and Heyman arguing. Scorpio and Malenko roll Taz and Eddie up for the pin, and Fonzie gives the fast count. Fonzie declares Scorpio and Malenko the winners.

What happens next is really weird. Alphonso tells Heyman that he has his own videographer to document ECW for his records. Fonzie brings out Rob Fienstien. Fienstien was the actual videographer for ECW, and was responsible for taping the shows. Fienstien is a small young looking dude here. Fienstien says something towards Paul Heyman about Sabu and the NWA. Heyman gets up in the guy's face telling him not to tell him shit about anything. Alphonso and Fienstien jump on Heyman, and knock him to the ground.

911's music hits the speakers.

Oh my god.

Most brutal chokeslam I have ever seen.


Some stiff stuff between Scorpio and Taz here. Guerrero and Malenko were fantastic together in this match. Overall though, there was nothing spectacular about this match. Easily the best match of the tape so far, but nothing great. The end segment was rather odd. Fienstien was a nobody, so I didn't really see the need to bring him in. I guess they just needed someone to take a chokeslam.

Taz's repackaging/push would grind to a screeching halt when these two teams had a rematch shortly after this event. Taz took an assisted piledriver that broke his neck, and would put him out of action for 5 months. Heyman paid Taz throughout the 5 month period, and would bring him back in November with a new attitude.

ECW Championship: Sandman (ch) vs Axl Rotten

Sandman and Woman come out. Woman proudly holds the ECW World Championship as the Sandman drinks and smokes his way to the ring with Enter Sandman playing along. They take up the full song before they enter the ring. Axl comes out second for some stupid reason.

The people in the crowd look fucking hot. No AC, this is July. Bunch of guys have their shirts off. Everybody is sweating. So far I've only seen one ceiling fan in the ceiling shots.

Sandman immediately jumps on Axl with punches and kicks. Sandman canes Rotten down with the cane. Sandman hits Axl with several brutal cane shots across his chest as he lays flat on the canvas. Axl retreats to the back. He comes back out with his barbed wire baseball bat. Sandman runs from him to the outside. Sandman discusses strategy with Woman briefly before re-entering the ring. They brawl with their weapons. Axl beats on the Sandman with the bat.

Axl attempts to unravel the wire from the bat, but the Sandman clocks him. The Sandman gets the bat. The Sandman successfully unravels the wire from the bat. Axl knocks him to the ground, and rolls to the outside with the wire tangled up in his shirt. Sandman goes outside, and throws Axl over the railing into the front row. They brawl in and around the ring beating each other with the wire for several minutes.

Axl wraps Sandman up in the wire while he stands in the corner. Axl slaps Sandman in the face until Woman canes him in the back of the head. Axl gets the cane from Woman, and chooses not to hit her with it. Axl busts The Sandman in the head with the cane while his midsection is still wrapped in the wire. Sandman unwraps himself from the wire. The Sandman drops a legdrop across the back of Axl's head from the top rope for the pinfall after 12 minutes.


Man, this match had nothing going for it at all. Lame all around. I'm noticing that it's fucking hot as hell in the Arena. Everyone looks miserable in the crowd fanning themselves. I don't know if that was a factor or not, but so far this show is just not jiving with me. Some terrible matches with some bad booking going on.

Steel Cage Match: Luna Vachon vs Stevie Richards

I'm pretty sure this was Luna's last ECW appearance. Too bad. I think she was a great fit, and had a lot of potential in ECW, especially when her main squeeze Bam Bam Bigelow came over a few years later. Luna comes out looking pretty good. She immediately begins to work Richards around the cage beating his ass. Richards just keeps getting driven into the cyclone fence cage. The crowd starts chanting "Kick his ass Luna, Kick his ass!(Clap-Clap)".

Stevie is busted wide open, bleeding everywhere. Luna hits him with a swinging neckbreaker. Luna lands a nice little Vader style splash. Stevie surprises her with a stiff as fuck inverted Atomic Drop. Luna recovers, and throws Stevie around by his hair with snap mare takedowns. Luna has Richards' blood all over her. Stevie gives Luna a stiff as hell powerbomb. Damn. Stevie is not pulling back on Luna at all. Luna is in excellent shape here though. She had a pretty good looking body here, still quite feminine as opposed to the overly muscular Chyna/Nicole Bass types. She was just really fit and trim here.

Stevie locks Luna in a nice leglock submission. Luna starts landing some low blows, and a DDT for a 2 count.

This match is not bad.

Stevie gets Luna with another really hard powerbomb.

Luna has been busted open on the forehead. She's bleeding pretty good along with Richards who just has a strait up crimson mask here. Richards starts to really grind down on Luna with hard punches and kicks. Richards goes up top to the very top of the cage. Richards jumps down, but Luna gets the boot up to get him in the face. Luna lands a swinging neckbreaker. Luna goes up to the top of the cage. Luna lands a nice splash off the top of the cage for a 2 count.

Luna grabs a handful of cock n' balls.

Stevie screams out in pain, and submits.

Luna wins by submission with the Testicular Claw.

The crowd starts a chant of "SHE'S! HARDCORE!". Nice. I like it.

Luna continues beating on Stevie until the Dudleys come out. The Pitbulls follow them, and we have another big brawl. Raven comes into the cage. Raven slams the door shut with only him, Stevie, and Luna inside. Stevie gets Luna with a low blow. Raven DDT's her into the canvas. Pitbull 2 rips the cage door open.

Dreamer and the Pitbulls storm the cage with nowhere for Raven to run to.

Dreamer takes Stevie out with a chair, and DDT's Raven. Everybody leaves the cage leaving just Raven and Dreamer. Dreamer slams Raven's hand in the door of the cage, and then hits it with a chair. Dreamer drops Raven with another DDT on a chair. Dreamer pulls out a pair of handcuffs from his boot. Dreamer whips Raven into the cage a few times before locking him up on the fence in a crucified position. Dreamer hits Raven in the groin with a piece of steel, and then gets a chair.

Dreamer emotionally screams ECW before smashing Raven in the head with the chair.

Dreamer poses for the crowd, and a massive E! C! DUB! chant breaks out. The crowd goes wild. 


Luna vs Stevie Richards was actually a pretty damn good mixed gender match. Luna was tough as nails, and in great shape here. Seeing her beat Stevie's ass all over the ring was kind of fun. She took some hard bumps, and looked really good here. Probably the best I've ever seen her perform. The aftermath with the Raven and Dreamer fight was eventually nicknamed "The Chairshot Heard Round The World" for some reason. I think maybe that came from the magazines back in the day, but I'm not sure. It was an unprotected headshot with a chair, and those are really bad, but damn it if this wasn't fucking awesome. There was just a lot of emotion to it. Dreamer had been through so much by this point, and it just felt good to see him get a bit of revenge here. It was an awesome moment when Dreamer finally got Raven cornered in the cage. The build up to this moment made it really cool to see. The Raven vs Dreamer rivalry just got serious.

Steel Cage Match: The Gangstas vs Public Enemy

Right from the start there are already weapons set up in the cage ala Beyond Thunderdome.

PE's music hits, and from the reaction you get the sense almost that these people have been sitting in this hot ass Arena, sitting through some god awful wrestling matches, just waiting to see Public Enemy. Everybody is all of a sudden really lively, waving their hands around along with Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock. Big smiles on everybody's faces, everybody is having a good time. They were ECW's main attraction at this time for sure. They were being recruited by WCW and WWF at this time as well.

Both teams just go back and forth beating the shit out of each other with the various weapons in the ring. Mostly frying pans.

This goes on for several minutes, nothing pretty here at all.

The Gangstas take control of the match after about 10 minutes, and just beat the shit out of Public Enemy. All four men are bleeding pretty badly. Public Enemy reclaim the momentum of the match, and bring a table in. Make that two tables.

Stacked on top of each other.

PE put New Jack on top of the two tables. Rocco Rock moonsaults off of the top of the cage to put New Jack through both tables. Nice spot.

Mustapha pulls out some sort of spraycan. Mustapha sprays Johnny Grunge in the eyes with his spraycan, and rolls him up for the pin. The Gangstas get the win in the second match in this feud to tie it up at 1-1.


The moonsault spot saved this one from getting a really low score. It had some good moments starting out. It just degenerated into a really sloppy, unorganized mess. Just a bunch of senseless weapon brawling with no real psychology or emotion or anything to it. As I've mentioned before, the storyline itself was much better than the actual matches in this Public Enemy vs Gangstas feud. This match was borderline terrible without the nice double table spot at the end.

Overall: 6/10

Man, there is just no way around it, this show pretty much sucked. It had a few great moments. The catfights were amazing. Raven and Dreamer was excellent. The Scorpio/Malenko vs Taz/Eddie match was pretty good, Luna vs Stevie was awesome, and Bill Alphonso was brilliant in the opening, but other than that this show gets no love from me at all. Some of the booking was pretty bad here too. Overall I feel like the show did have enough high points to merit an above average score. It was a fun little show to watch. While it doesn't stand up well to some of the previous shows I've reviewed, it did have some pretty awesome moments, and was an enjoyable viewing considering I've been watching through these in chronological order. I would not recommend this show on its own at all though.


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