Pro Wrestling in June of 1993

Alright, we are going to take a look at an episode of ECW tv from the summer of 1993. This event took place just about a month after WCW Slamboree(British Bulldog d. Vader by DQ, Barry Whindam d. Arn Anderson, Steve Austin & Brian Pillman d. Steamboat & Zenk). The WCW was in its final days as far as bieng affiliated with the NWA, and several moves were being made that would shape the next 5 years of the company. Ric Flair had made his return in February, but due to a no compete claus, he would not return to in ring competition until the next PPV, Beach Blast(where he would win the NWA title for a 10th time). Eric Bischoff was rising up the ladder at this time as well. Bischoff was a backstage interviewer at Slamboree.

Slamboree 93 would be the event that saw Ric Flair reunite the Four Horsemen(with Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, and Paul Roma). Shane Douglas was fired just prior to Slamboree, and replaced with Tom Zenk. Douglas would go on to be an key player in the history of the ECW. Shane had a stint in the WWF in 1990-1991. He had the skills, the physique, and the charisma to be a star on the roster, but the creative team couldn't find an appropriate gimmick for him. Douglas was relegated to house shows until the WWF could find a storyline, and character for him to work on television. The WWF saw the potential in Douglas, and had big plans for him. This could be seen in the 1991 Royal Rumble when Douglas was one of the longest remaining wrestlers in the match in order to help build him up(26:23 the 7th longest run in the match up to that point in history). Shortly after the 1991 Royal Rumble, Shane's father became terminally ill. Douglas was granted as much time off from wrestling as he needed by the WWF in order to take care of his father.

While away from the WWF in 1991, the creative team had come up with the perfect role for him. The WWF was planning on Shane making a return, and taking over a new heel character that they had crafted up. That character was the "Heartbreak Kid".

However, Shane had different plans. Without contacting the WWF, Shane signed on to WCW in 1992. Douglas was immediately paired up with Rick Steamboat, and eventually won the Tag Team Championships. The WWF would not find out about Shane going to WCW until they seen him on television in action. Shane's unprofesionalism left a bad taste in WWF's mouth, and Their "Heartbreak Kid" gimmick would eventually be taken on by one half of the Rockers tag team, Shawn Michaels.

Shane didn't last long after Flair made his return. Douglas would be fired just before Slamboree. Shane planned on walking away from wrestling in order to persue a career in teaching until Eddie Gilbert brought him into the ECW later on in the Summer of 1993.

Meanwhile, over in the WWF in June of 1993, they were desperately trying to find something that would draw fans. Both the WCW, and WWF had been on a steady and sharp decline in PPV buyrates, and live attendance. The King of the Ring on June 13th was a major turning point in the future direction of the company. Bret Hart would win the KOR tournament over Razor Ramon, Mr. Perfect, and Bam Bam Bigelow. The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels was on his way. Michaels put on one of the better matches of the evening at King of the Ring 93 when he successfully defended the Intercontenintal Championship against Crush. Alongside Michaels at the King of the Ring was his bodyguard Diesel(Kevin Nash).

The main event saw the final appearance of Hulk Hogan in the company until 2002. Hogan dropped the WWF Championship to Yokozuna after an exploding camera shot from Harvey Whippleman. The WWF's original plan was to have Hogan build up the next face of the company, Bret Hart, by dropping the title to him at SummerSlam 93. Hogan refused to drop the title to a face, and refused to lose clean in the ring. Hogan insisted on losing the title to a heel(Yokozuna) via some form of cheating. Hogan left the WWF after the match to persue an acting career(Days of Thunder series, where he would be contacted by WCW).

The rest of the Summer was spent with the WWF trying to build up Lex Luger as the next all american hero face as the one man who could topple the unbeatable "Andre the Giantesque" WWF Champion, Yokozuna.


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