Ratings Guide

10: Giving a show/match/segment a 10 doesn't make it perfect in these reviews. The perfect show doesn't exist, but I'll still be handing out the occasional 10. This score means that this is the best of the best that ECW has to offer, and worthy of a spot in your collection. Track this down and buy it. Show it to all of your wrestling friends, maybe even some of your non wrestling friends depending on the occasion.

9-9.9: This was so good that you need to find it and watch it. Look it up on youtube or something, but you need to see it. Essential viewing for wrestling nerds.

8-8.9: This was really good. It had a flaw or two that kept it from being great, but overall this rating is reserved for the higher quality stuff. Worthy of checking into perhaps, based on your tastes and interests.

7-7.9: This was good. It wasn't great, it wasn't really good, but there wasn't really anything majorly wrong with it. Perhaps a few minor flaws holding it down, but still good. Could have perhaps been a bit better, but still pretty decent.

6-6.9: Slightly above mediocre. Maybe it just had one awesome little moment in it, or something interesting, but it just didn't have enough going for it. Nothing special.

5-5.9: Average, mediocre, run of the mill, not good, but nothing really to make it bad either. No real big major criticisms, but still nothing real good either.

4-4.9: This was bad, but it had something in it that at least kept me from wanting to change the channel or fast forward. Maybe it was so bad that it was good, like Total Recall.

3-3.9: This score is getting into waste of time territory. Maybe it had a few things going for it, but altogether this was time wasted.

2-2.9: We're getting into bad bad Wrestlecrap territory here.

1-1.9: Downright terrible even though there was one aspect that they maybe did half ass. Something that saves it from not getting a rating at all. Maybe it had a really funny botch that made me laugh, or maybe somebody did some decent selling, or performed a nice move or two, so I'll give it a point.

0: Completely wasted my fucking time.


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